Why Are Vehicles Being Recalled?

Why Are Vehicles Being Recalled

There are tons of lessons that people learn in life. As an old adage once said, “It’s not about how you fall, but how you get up.” This certainly is true when it comes to the world of car making. Over the years, advancements in technology has enabled carmakers to produce tons of cars in a short span of time to meet customer’s demands. The same also paved the way in the development of new technologies that helps make cars safer, easier to drive.

A Step Forward, Two Steps Back?

Yes, mass production and various technical advancements have not only let more and more people get hold of these vehicles and made vehicles more powerful, efficient, and safer. However, there were also negatives that kind of negated these development. One step forward, two steps back, as they say. Mass production may have increased the volume of the cars available for people to buy. However, due to the limited time of production, quality issues popped up. One by one, problems manifested. Technological advancements in cars on the other hand weren’t perfected in one try. In a lot of times, these technologies have malfunctioned and left properties damaged, people injured or died because or car accidents. However, a detailed study of these issues led to the resolution of such problems, helping us reap the benefits of these advancements.

The Fix

Upon careful study of the problems with cars, manufacturers were able to come up with solutions that helped take away these nuisances and made cars safer, and fun to drive again. Recalls are done by car manufacturers to help them correct these problems and give their customers safe cars to drive. In the United States, companies should be able to resolve issues of its clients with their products or they will be held accountable for whatever accident, inconvenience, pain, and suffering such problems caused the victim. And so, companies have learned to be proactive about the situation, find out what the problems are, come up with a fix, and communicate the problems with their customers. Then a fix will be made to help ensure the safety and satisfaction of their respective vehicles.

The Biggest, Most Popular Recall Issues

In the history of recalls in the US, there have been millions and millions of cars from different carmakers have been recalled for problems and were resolved eventually. Here are some of the biggest, most popular recalls done by the carmakers in the past.

  • Ford-Firestone Issue. In the year 2000, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found and contacted American Carmaker Ford and tire maker Firestone were asked to recall their products that were potentially dangerous. The vehicle in question was the best-selling truck, the Ford Explorer. After making several adjustments for the truck, authorities have found out that the tires are the ones that’ causing the Explorer to turn turtle on the road. This led to the creation of a roll cage in the Explorer and it ended the partnership between Ford and Firestone.
  •  The multi-billion dollar Toyota recall. In what probably was the biggest recall ever, Japanese Automaker Toyota had problems when America’s best-selling car, the Camry had unintended acceleration problems. According to reports, the gas pedal would get struck to the floor mat, leaving the throttle open and the car accelerating. Not long after, the carmaker found out that the gas pedal they’ve been getting from their supplier was the culprit for the problem. Tons of product liability claims were filed as the NHTSA revealed that 37 people died because of the accidents brought about by the pedal problem. In 2014, the US government announced a $1.2 billion settlement with Toyota Motor Corp. and charged the company of defrauding their customers about their misleading statements issues about the issues with Toyota and Lexus vehicles that the company produces.

A Los Angeles product liability attorney believes that these carmakers and other companies who sell products to people should always strive hard to keep their products safe for use by their clients. According to the said lawyer, there are laws that look after the welfare of the American consumer that these manufacturers should adhere to. As consumer though, the citizens have the responsibility to know more about the products that they buy and make the necessary studies to ensure that they have invested on a products that are worth their every penny.