Vehicle Crash Testing: The Road To Safer Motoring

Vehicle Crash Testing The Road To Safer MotoringMotor vehicle accidents are some of the top reasons why Americans die. According to recent studies made by various groups, both sanctioned by the government and private entities, reveal that a huge chunk of fatalities every year has been caused by these mishaps.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has recorded hundreds of thousands of fatal motor vehicle accidents happening every year. Thousands have died every year because of these motor vehicle accidents happening all over the country.

More than motorists on board these vehicles, motorcyclists, bicyclists, even innocent pedestrians can get involved in these scary, life-threatening accidents that caused injuries, even death to some. According to a California car accident attorney, thousands of Americans, motorists or not, have been filing personal injury claims to get compensation after being involved in an accident.

Making Vehicles Safer

Making Vehicles SaferMany carmakers have been coming up with new models that promise crash protection for all of its buyers. With almost every new generation of vehicle models, automotive companies have been trying to outdo each other, coming up with new passive and active safety systems employed in vehicles. However, do these features actually work? Or are these just mere paddings in the vehicle’s spec sheet? To help get answers to that, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) conducts testing to all of the vehicle models that various carmakers produce before they are sold in the market. The agency’s Vehicle Research Center (VRC) facility in Ruckersville, Virginia has been responsible in testing vehicle safety systems and rate them based on their performance.

Choosing the Safest Vehicle

top safety picks 2014Accidents couldn’t always be avoided. No matter how safe you drive, it is better to be in a vehicle with a good IIHS safety rating. Depending on the protection a vehicle can give its passengers, or pedestrians, in the event of a crash. Picking the model that has the most number of stars in its crash ratings should best give better chances of surviving a crash injury-free, or at least minimize the extent of injuries one incurs. The IIHS’ “Top Safety Pick” is a safety rating given to the safest vehicle in its class. That is why it pays to make your research before making a decision when shopping for a new car. Choosing the car with the best crash protection rating will help you to stay safe in the event of a crash, minimizing the chances of you getting injured while helping you save your life.

What Should a Victim Like You Do?

What Should a Victim Like You DoBut should you or your loved ones get involved in such accidents, what you should do is file a personal injury claim against the one responsible for the accident. More than having a chance to get compensation that you’ll need for your medication, treatment, well as the repayment for the damages you have incurred. However, remember that there are statutes of limitations for personal injury claims that you need to keep in mind to ensure that your complaint wouldn’t be defaulted over technicalities. With the compensation you’re about to get from this claim, you can receive better compensation to help you recover from the misfortune that has happened to you.