Valuable Tips for Ensuring Safety While Driving During Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend

Thanksgiving Safety Tips
Thanksgiving Day happens every fourth Thursday of November. For many Americans, however, they usually start the festivities and merrymaking at 6 p.m. on the day before Thanksgiving itself. This year’s Thanksgiving will be tomorrow, November 28, and on the next day will be the largest shopping day of the year, more popularly known as Black Friday. Then, there is the following weekend for people to spend more fun and quality time with friends and family.

As expected in the coming long weekend vacation, there will be more parties and family get-togethers, which would mean more food and drink for the people. Not only that, but there will be more people heading out on the roads either to their homes or to party spots. Traffic is a common occurrence, and so are incidents of traffic crashes that seriously injure or claim the lives of drivers and passengers.

True enough, the Thanksgiving holiday is not only one of the busiest holidays in the U.S., but also one of the deadliest, especially for motorists. With a lot of things happening during the holiday period, not only will there be plenty of vehicles, but there will be more drivers taking on less-familiar roads. Other drivers may not be fit enough to drive because they’re either intoxicated or tired. Some even get distracted while behind the wheel.

If you are planning to head out on the road with your family for your Thanksgiving dinner, go shopping during Black Friday, or go out and drink with your friends at your nearest bar or restaurant during the weekend, it is always a must that you ensure your safety while behind the wheel.

In line with the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, here are some driving tips that a Los Angeles vehicle accident lawyer has prepared for the benefit of all motorists in California who will be going out during the four-day period:

  • Never drink and drive. The night before Thanksgiving Day, expect that a lot of bars and restaurants will be filled with people. If you are planning to go out with your friends for a round of drinks, make sure that you tag along a designated driver who will drive your vehicle going home if you get intoxicated. Also, if you are joining a carpool, refrain from riding inside the vehicle driven by someone who is already drunk. Better hail a taxi if possible.

  • Always wear your seatbelts. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), the use of the seat belt, especially for front-seat passenger car occupants, is said to be 45 percent effective in preventing deaths in car crashes. Better use it for increased protection.

  • Refrain from using your cell phone while driving. If possible, you may delegate the use of your phone for calling and texting to a passenger. If you are driving alone, however, better turn off your phone so that you won’t be distracted and keep it in your glove box. However, if it can’t be prevented and you received a call that needs to be answered, pull over by the side of the road first.

  • Be on the right state of mind. If cooler heads prevail, then it is impossible for a road rage incident to occur that may potentially cause you or other motorists to get involved in a crash.

Indeed, driver safety should be on top of everything, especially before and during the festivities. Doing your part as a motorist in California would surely help in decreasing any incidents of motor vehicle crashes during Thanksgiving holiday weekend. From all of us here at Personal Injury Defenders, we wish you all a happy and safe Thanksgiving weekend.