The GM Ignition Switch Recall Saga Continues

The GM Ignition Switch Recall Saga Continues

The recent rebirth of the Chevrolet Camaro has been one of the most celebrated reincarnations of a cult classic. However, owners of these modern classic, 512,000 of them from all over the world are disappointed. These muscle cars whom enthusiasts think are well-made doesn’t seem so. That is because the Camaro’s ignition switch, just like the thousands of recalled Chevy Cobalts. So far, the defect has caused at least three accidents and four minor incidents. However, there has been no deaths or serious injuries that have been linked to the car accidents.

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Proposed “Solution” for the Defect

For its part, General Motors have called on the owners of the hundreds of thousands of Camaro owners to take their cars to their nearest Chevrolet dealership. According to authorities, Camaros made from 2010 to the current, 2014 models should have their keys and fobs replaced with a new design to prevent the keys from getting in contact with the driver’s legs, which might have the ignition turned off. However, some experts have weighed in, believing that the defective ignition switches with a newly-designed one. This swift move by Chevrolet is commendable, as this was done much faster and that this latest addition to the vehicle recall will save more than half a million people who bought these cars.

The Recall Woes Go On

This latest recall adds up to the hundreds of thousands of vehicles produced by GM that have defects in the ignition switch. This recent recall has affected more than 14.4 million cars in the United States and 16.5 million vehicles worldwide. More than the million of dollars that the company is about to spend on the recall alone, GM is also yet to pay the maximum fine of $35 million fine to the federal safety regulators. More than that, the company will then be made to face the charges that the victims from the accidents brought about by the defects on the vehicle that they sell. A Los Angeles product liability attorney believes that this series of recalls by GM will definitely affect the image of the company to the consumers. However, the future of the company will depend on how GM acts in resolving this issue and addressing their customer’s concerns will be key in rebuilding its image.