Taming Dogs and Making Them Your Best Friend

Taming Dogs and Making Them Your Best Friend
Pit bulls have always been demonized in the news items that has been aired by the media. It is completely understandable though. According to a public education site DogsBite.org (http://www.dogsbite.org/), around 81 percent of dog attacks induce bodily harm to the victims, 72 percent of the dog attacks end up in fatalities while 81 percent of the attacks cause maiming to the victims, not to mention the great amounts of trauma that one has to deal with after these attacks. In almost a majority of the dog attack stories aired on national television involve pit bulls. This is why pit bulls, although not all of them are violent, are all tagged in times where dog attacks happened. Also, in the US, nearly 80 percent of shelter dogs that are labeled or perceived as “aggressive” and cannot be rescued, rehabilitated, or rehomed are pit bulls.

The Story of Sonic

But no matter how much pit bulls are put into bad light by the media, dog psychiatrist Cesar Millan of the very popular TV series “The Dog Whisperer” begs to differ. In his latest Nat Geo WILD TV Special, “Cesar Millan: Love My Pit Bull”, the charismatic dog psychiatrist defends pit bulls from their bad image. Millan insists that the beastly perception of pit bulls is a far cry from what these dogs truly are. Millan says that pit bulls are loyal and protective breeds of dogs that are known as “The Nanny Dog”.

To prove his case, Millan is feature a rescued pit bull named Sonic in his TV special. After being rehabilitated at the Dog Psychology Center (DPC), Sonic was able to earn the respect of animals at the ranch and also endeared himself to the hearts of every human. A proof of Sonic’s charisma are the great number of applications when Millan thought that Sonic was ready for adoption. After being rescued, Sonic is now adopted by group “Paws for Veterans” which trains him to support a combat-injured veteran.

Dogs are not called a man’s best friend for nothing. Over the years, dogs have always had a special relationship with humans. More than being a companion, dogs have become partners and protectors of their masters which made them indispensable for their owners. While people get attacked by some dogs that even go to as far as filing animal attack claims, one thing is for sure: Something has been done that motivated the dogs and caused to get violent and attack humans.

So in the end, one should never forget that while dogs can really be dangerous, people can handle them well using the right techniques. By keeping in mind basic principles to tame and knowing the things to do should a dog attack you can not only save your life but also train the dog to be a better pet. A pet good enough to be called your best friend.