Survey Reveals Drivers Fight Fatigue While Driving through Wrong Ways

Survey Reveals Drivers Fight Fatigue While Driving through Wrong Ways

One of the most important requirements of driving a vehicle is to first have a sound mind and body. As it is, drivers must be both physically and mentally prepared before taking on the task of driving. However, there are instances wherein drivers feel tired while behind the wheel, especially after a long day’s work or when they perform long-hour drives. Being in such a state, unfortunately, is a disaster waiting to happen.

Drowsy driving, to begin with, is an ongoing problem among motorists in the U.S. In fact, it is often cited as a serious driving problem as dangerous as intoxicated driving. Like the latter, experiencing fatigue while behind the wheel impairs one’s ability to recognize the situation on the road and make quick decisions based on it, putting themselves at risk of getting involved in collisions.

With a lot of people going for long road trips this summer season, there is a strong likelihood that those frequent yawning and blinking and inability to keep eyes open because of tiredness would be remedied with certain strategies like drinking coffee. However, a recent survey by DMEautomotive, a science-oriented automotive marketing company, revealed that more people are likely to perform certain measures that are deemed ineffective instead of pulling over and taking a nap or letting a well-rested person drive if there is one or more designated drivers.

The survey revealed that drinking caffeinated beverage is tops among the attempts in fighting drowsiness at 53 percent. Other respondents cite, among others, opening a window or sun roof (42 percent), listening to loud music (35 percent), turning the A/C unit up (23 percent), eating and singing (both 21 percent) as methods to keep themselves awake.

However, the two proven remedies, which are switching drivers and pulling over the side of the road and taking a nap, placed third and seventh, respectively, among the 15 ways people who responded to the survey do to combat drowsiness while driving. The others in the list—those mentioned above in percentages—don’t help that much. Experts say that drinking an energy drink, coffee, or any caffeinated beverage, for one, may help drivers perk up, although the caffeine would immediately wear off while they drive.

Meanwhile, in line with the expected influx of people going outdoors this summer, the Los Angeles vehicle accident lawyer is advising drivers to have a good night’s sleep before taking the wheel early the next day, aside from taking naps in-between the road trip. Drowsy driving, according to the legal counsel, is one of the reasons why a lot of drivers and passengers get involved in accidents which result in serious injuries.

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