Safe Summer Motoring

Safe Summer Motoring

It’s summertime! It is that time of the year for countless weekend (even weekday) family road trips. Who would not want to take advantage of this time to go out and enjoy the kids’s vacation? However, every summer the number of injuries and fatalities due to accidents almost always spike up. And so, the US Department of Transportation’s (DOT) National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reminds every one that safety should remain on top of everybody’s priority to stay away from motor vehicle accidents while enjoying these summer trips. But how can one achieve just that? One can have fun without forgetting about the safety of others whom you will be sharing the road with. So keep in mind these tips that NHTSA has in mind.

For Pedestrians

As pedestrians, we also have the obligation to make a difference in road safety. That is why one should always look in both directions, left and right, before one crosses the street. A parent should also teach their kids to walk, and not run, while they are on the street. The parents should also ensure that their children have an adult or an older, more responsible child to accompany the younger ones while walking. Make it a point to hold your children’s hand whenever you cross the roads. Finally, always use the sidewalks and walk facing the traffic flow.

For Bicyclists

There are provided bicycle lanes for the majority of the roads in California. However, bicyclist should also follow safe riding habits to avoid getting involved in accidents. First up, bikers should wear the necessary protective gear at all times. Do ride only on the bike paths or on the sidewalk if the former is not available. Only ride in the same direction as the vehicle traffic, stop at stop signs and signals. As much as possible, do ride only on roads that have low traffic volume and vehicles travelling at lower speeds.

For Drivers

Being behind the wheel you have a great responsibility in keeping accidents from happening. So remember to be attentive and courteous while on the road. Always keep your eyes moving to check for pedestrians, bicyclists, and other vehicles. Avoid any form of distraction, obey the traffic laws, and be a responsible, defensive driver.

Summer is best enjoyed minus the accidents. By following these tips from the NHTSA, you will be able to zero in on the fun while keeping your family safe while you are on the road. Without these accidents, there’s no need to worry about filing or defending yourself from personal injury claims, and enjoy this quality time with the family.

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