Preventing Senseless Accidents in Construction Sites

Preventing Senseless Accidents in Construction SitesIt is always fascinating to witness how a building is erected. The way parts of the land are excavated to make basement levels and in creating the foundation for its columns. One can’t help but notice the intricate setting up of the steel reinforcements of columns and how pipes for electrical and plumbing lines are put into place. Ultimately, it is fun to see the establishment take shape as concrete is poured to the tedious process of completing the building’s finish. Could you imagine how the tallest buildings not just in the United States but in all of the countries all over the globe are made?

The dangers in the construction industry

Behind the awesomeness though, one thing is apparent in all of the construction sites: The dangers that the workers in this industry deals with everyday they go to work and perform their tasks. Every year, a great number of people get injured, or die because of the many accidents that have been happening in the sites of these infrastructure projects. Not too long ago, a 48-year-old man was struck and was killed by a large earth-move at a construction site.

According to initial investigations made by the authorities, the man is part of the surveying team that was grading it for the construction of three homes. The victim was said to be working with a surveyor. That is when a big CAT scraper came. The operator of the big equipment made a turn, not noticing the guy working. The scraper struck the victim which caused his dead.

Ensuring safety in the work area

The US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reminds workers and operators of construction sites to always make sure that measures are enforced to keep the safety of the workers in the industry. A Los Angeles construction accident lawyer reminded that construction companies can be made liable for the injuries or the loss of life that these senseless, freak accidents that could have been avoided should safety measures are put in place. However, employees working in construction sites should remember that they themselves should observe the precautionary measures implemented in these sites. Such will help make sure that accidents could be avoided so injuries and the senseless loss of lives could be avoided.