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Pedestrian Accident overview

Pedestrian AccidentWhat are the chances of you getting run over or hit by a wayward vehicle passing by the road? It seems like the odds are getting higher. Sometimes, just walking by the side of the roads can get you in an accident. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety (NHTSA), thousands of people get involved in accidents involving pedestrians. These accidents happen across different counties of California. Sometimes no matter how hard one pedestrian tries to follow traffic laws, walking and crossing only in walkways and crosswalks, there’s still a chance of him getting hit by a wayward car. It only takes one irresponsible and negligent driver to make something like that happen. That is why pedestrian accident is considered as one devastating thing to happen. However, one person doesn’t need to worry for there are laws that protect the rights of pedestrians. These laws can get an irresponsible driver held liable for his negligence by way of a personal injury claim. And so, if an accident involving a pedestrian happens, one can ask the help of a lawyer to help them prepare and file a claim.

Why do I need to hire a Pedestrian accident lawyer?

Filing a personal injury claim may seem easy that some people think about doing it by themselves. Most people fear of paying high professional fees to attorneys that is why they dare make and file the claims by themselves. But asking for the help of a professional doesn’t just only make things easier for you, the chances of your claims’ success also gets better. An experienced and knowledgeable lawyer can help you with your case regarding a pedestrian accident. They will help you file a good complaint, guide you through the processes, and represent you in court should the claim go the distance and reach the difficult litigation stage. However, an expert personal injury attorney that has experience in pedestrian accidents can help prevent the claim from getting that far, and get a favorable settlement for you minus the hassles of a full-blown litigation. That is why it pays to have a good lawyer to help you out with your claims.

Things you need to know about Pedestrian Accident In Los Angeles

According to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) study conducted over a 10-year period, Los Angeles in California ranks as second of the top five cities with the highest pedestrian fatalities. From 1997 to 2006, around 99 people died from pedestrian crash deaths in the city. Common causes of pedestrian accidents include distraction, impairment, and the lack of facilities for pedestrians to use. While most of the time, it is the drivers of the vehicle that are to blame, there are rare times when the pedestrian’s negligence or irresponsible actions that gets them in compromising situations. Whatever the situation is though, you should call a lawyer that has knowledge on pedestrian accidents and how to handle such. They are better equipped with the knowledge and experience that will help you avenge what has happened to you and get the responsible people held liable for their actions.

Contact our Pedestrian Accident lawyer at Personal Injury Defenders

In hiring that lawyer to help you prepare and file claims, as well as represent you in your claims, you should never hire just anybody. You should hire attorneys that have the most experience and knowledge in handling such important cases. Personal Injury Defenders employs a group of expert pedestrian accident lawyers that can represent you well with your claims. Our best personal injury lawyers are going to help you get the justice that you need and deserve. Get those people responsible for the injuries as well as the pain and suffering you are going through by filing charges through the help of your Personal Injury Defenders now.

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