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Other Accidents Overview

Personal Injury Defenders is a personal injury law firm based in Los Angeles composed of an experienced and talented pool of topnotch attorneys. With decades of experience in personal injury litigation, the law firm has been able to obtain millions of dollars in settlements for their clients. Our lawyers aggressively pursue personal injury claims of victims who were harmed in typical personal injury accidents such as vehicle accidents and premises accidents. Moreover, our law firm does not only limit itself in handling these usual personal injury accidents. In fact, our law firm also handles cases that are rather complicated, particularly accidents that are not common but can equally inflict the same serious injuries, as well as other damages to victims.

Here are some of the other cases of personal injury accidents that we handle:

  • Boating accidents

The State of California provides a wide range of recreation for its residents, as well as tourists flocking the state. One of them is the experience of riding a boat or any sea vessel. As it is, boating activities in lakes, rivers, and most especially beaches regularly attract residents and tourists year in and year out, providing them with the best tourist attractions and activities such as water sports. However, like riding transport such as a train or a bus, or driving a motor vehicle, boating accidents also occur. For the most part, these mishaps are caused by the carelessness of the boat operator, which may have brought about by intoxication or poor training. Equipment failure may also be another cause for such a mishap.

  • Aviation accidents

Although planes are one of the safest modes of transportation in California, accidents may happen unexpectedly. There is really no denying how impactful and devastating these accidents are, especially for the victims and their families. Serious injuries, as well as wrongful death, prevail in these mishaps, which is why our law firm is capable of representing our clients and their families who have suffered immensely in these instances. Plane and other aviation mishaps are primarily caused by pilot error, mechanical failure, product liability, and weather conditions.

This form of personal injury accident refers to the failure of a medical practitioner or institution to provide the standard level of medical care mandated for the treatment and subsequent wellness of patients. Committing even a simple mistake such as administering wrong medication may result in drastic consequences, including the worsening of one’s health. Other procedures that are considered medical malpractice may also result in paralysis or even the patient’s death.

Other Accidents

Other Accident
If you or your loved one suffered serious injuries in any of these unfortunate incidents, then you and your family may file a personal injury case against persons or entities responsible for what happened to you and your loved one. By seeking legal representation with our expert Los Angeles personal injury lawyers of Personal Injury Defenders, you and your family may be able to obtain the right compensation that you deserve. The monetary settlement you may receive will help cover medical expenses and long-term rehabilitation, as well as lost wages and future income. Our law firm will also make it a point to put value on the other damages you and your family may have experienced, such as emotional distress, mental anguish, and pain and suffering.

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