On GM Recalls and Finding the Right Product Liability Attorney

On GM Recalls and Finding the Right Product Liability AttorneyIf you are an owner of a recently-release General Motors vehicle, then there is a great chance that your vehicle is part of the massive recall that now involves more or less 7.6 million vehicles, some of them having been released as early as 1997. This series of recalls have been hurting the image of the brand badly as more and more GM car owners are now wary of the condition of their vehicles. That is why GM’s front office is trying their hardest to come up with ways on how save and rebuild their brand.

No-limits for Ignition Switch-related Accidents

The biggest block of the GM vehicles that were recalled had problems in its ignition switches. With the recalled vehicles reaching millions, this has become a dilemma for GM’s lawyers. And so, in a bid to save the reputation that is left with the brand, GM’s lawyers handling the recalls have now declared that the company is not putting a cap on the total amount that they will pay to the injured individuals as well as the relatives of those who were killed in motor vehicle accidents involving GM vehicles. However, the GM representative has reiterated that accidents with recalled GM vehicles involving alcohol, speeding, failure to wear seat belts, as well as other dangerous behavior.

How You Can File Your own Claims?

In filing such claims, you need a good lawyer to help sure your win. Here is a list of qualities that you should look for in your lawyer to get a better chance in winning your product liability claims.

  • Experience. A lawyer must have had experience in handling and winning product liability cases in the past, making him a good candidate in your quest to find someone competent enough to represent you.
  • Understanding. You would want to have a lawyer that has a great understanding of product liability laws that can help him, and in turn, you come up with a good strategy when filing your claims.
  • Good Communication Skills. Having a limited knowledge about the many terminologies and technicalities of the laws, you need a lawyer that communicates with you well to understand things about your claim better.
  • Availability. As a client, you may need the presence of your lawyer in certain situations. Having a lawyer that makes him or herself available whenever the need arises will be good for you and your claim.
  • Rapport. More than having a good, experienced, and available attorney, having someone that you can get along well is definitely a great plus.
  • Reasonable Fees. They say you get what you pay for, but great service shouldn’t always come with a steep price tag.

Filing a product liability claim against huge multinational giants is certainly one great fight. To emerge victorious and get the justice you deserve, you need to have a good ally who will be with you in this fight. That is why you should make it a point to find the best Los Angeles product liability lawyer that you can have to have better chances of succeeding with the claims that you have or will file.

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