New Leads To Find ML Flight 370

New Leads To Find ML Flight 370

Three months after its mysterious disappearance, there are still no signs of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 that went missing. This, according to experts in aviation accidents, is the hardest, most mysterious aviation tragedy. The families of those who went missing with the plane continue to feel the anguish of losing someone you love for something that remains unexplainable. These people continue to feel the pain of not being able to see where their loved ones are. Worse, they don’t even know if they’d ever see their relatives alive, or even their remains. For these people and the world, the search for the missing plane and its occupants continues.

New Lead?

In the last few developments about the missing plane, experts have identified several possible locations as to where the crash site might be. However, these efforts have remained fruitless as they still haven’t found the plane yet. Suddenly though, a group of independent experts claimed that they know exactly where the plane is. They pointed out a particular site in the southern parts of the Indian Ocean, a good hundred miles southwest of the original previous site.  The group released a statement claiming that the exact location of the air craft based on their estimates are near the 36.02 degrees South, 88.57 degrees East. This, the experts believe as the most accurate location of the plane and the place where the joint search and retrieval groups should focus on. The group also bared that though the acoustic pings are indeed useful in finding the plane. However, that should not be the only guide in recovering the ruins of the plane.

Families’ Grief

While the search and retrieval operations of the plane continues to be delayed, the families of the 239 passengers continue to endure a great deal of grief. While the authorities are doing everything they can to recover the plane, the lives lost can never be brought back. For now, as a Los Angeles aviation accident attorney suggest, the only thing that the family can do is to file an aviation accident claim against the management of Malaysia Airlines. This way, the family can ask for compensation to help them deal with the loss of a loved one. While such claims will never bring back the lives lost, this might help the families recover and get compensation for the damages and the losses that such accident has caused. Such claims would help make the death