Mountain Lions on Hollywood Hills

People do all sorts of things just to see wild animals. They tune in to the National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and all of the other channels that feature these wildlife creatures. Some do go to zoos and wildlife parks just to see these rare species. However, how would you feel when you a wild, dangerous feline walking in front of your friendly neighborhood shop or worse, in your lawn. This is what a number of locals in Los Angeles have seen and experienced this weekend.

Surprise Catch

When people, hear the words “Mountain Lion”, they usually associate it with a laptop’s operating system. However, residents of neighborhoods in the Hollywood Hills saw the real Mountain Lion. This large cat was seen on closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras roaming around Hollyridge Drive and Beachwood Canyon. One of the homeowners (who did not want to be identified) came out with the video said that he initially have set up the cameras to catch thieves breaking into cars. He did not know that he will be surprised with whom he’ll catch on video.

Large Cat in Hollywood Hills

After seeing the video, residents got really scared of what they have seen in the videos. According to authorities, particularly a local wildlife specialist said that this is not at all surprising. He mentioned that the location was near Griffith Park, making it prone to wild animals breaking out of such national parks. Though these are not considered huge threats, residents are advised to take the necessary precaution and report sightings of wild animals in their area. Moreover, residents are asked to avoid doing things that will provoke these creatures and instigate animal attacks. This way, you will be safe and you won’t end up having injuries, getting hurt, disabled, or worse dead.

What Can You Do Should Wild Animals Attack You?

A Los Angeles animal attack lawyer explains that unlike attacks where pets are involved, these wild animals technically don’t have owners that victims can sue and ask compensation from. Just in case you don’t know, animal attack claims can only be made if there are owners or responsible entities for these animals. That is why more than anything, you should do whatever you can to avoid situations that will put your life and your loved ones in danger. So do whatever you can to protect yourself from these vicious attacks.