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Brain Injury Lawyers Overview

Brain InjuryOne of the many serious injuries any victim of a personal injury accident may sustain is a brain injury. Basically, the head is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body that may potentially absorb the impact of any accident, may it be an automobile crash or slip, trip and fall mishap. When this happens, victims may suffer not only skull fracture, but also injuries to the brain, which may result in pain, numbness and/or loss of sensation.

Indeed, sustaining brain injuries after an accident would definitely result in victims facing high costs of medical treatments, as well as the possibility of long-term rehabilitation and future care. Brain injury lawyers believe that these could not have happened had other parties involved in the accidents exercise reasonable care to prevent these mishaps and the resulting injuries from occurring. If you get involved in an accident, regardless if it is serious or not, you must not only seek immediate medical attention. You must also seek legal help from a topnotch and experienced Los Angeles brain injury attorney who can make sure that you get the proper treatments you deserve, as well as be compensated for whatever losses you incurred because of the accident.

Suffering from such a debilitating injury may not only leave you and your family suffering financially, but also emotionally. It is never an injury that can be simply ignored, especially if this was a result of another person or entity’s negligence. Hence, it is imperative that you file an injury claim against the liable party involved through the expertise of a lawyer for brain injury claims in Los Angeles.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer for Brain Injury Accident?

Getting proper medical examination and evaluation after getting involved in any personal injury accident is the best necessary and at the same time precautionary option to take, especially if your head was injured. You must do so considering that brain injuries are not always detected immediately, with effects manifesting weeks or months after the incident. However, you must know that if you want to claim damages from the liable party, establishing proof could be difficult, especially if you suffered a brain injury after slipping or tripping and falling, getting bitten by a dog or an animal or encountered a mishap inside the construction site. Indeed, sustaining a brain injury needs careful and immediate action from a medical professional, as well as a lawyer, particularly if it was due to another person or entity’s negligence.

Hiring an expert lawyer who handles brain injury claims will help you avoid certain inconveniences, such as not getting the rightful amount of compensation that you deserve. Basically, if you negotiate your claim on your own after suffering this kind of injury, you might have a difficult time doing so because of what the other party’s insurance provider can do for your claim. More often than not, the insurance adjuster may offer you an inadequate settlement amount that is not enough to cover your medical treatment and rehabilitation, among other damages. Our law firm’s expert brain injury attorneys work relentlessly in securing compensation you deserve by obtaining all the evidence that is necessary to prove the fault of the negligent party. That way, you and your family will be able to receive complete and maximum compensation you truly deserve.

About brain injury

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), brain injury, also known medically as traumatic brain injury, is a serious public health problem in the U.S. In fact, close to two million cases of traumatic brain injuries are recorded every year, either as an isolated injury or as one of the other injuries these people sustain. This happens when the head suffers a bump, blow or jolt, or when a penetrating injury to the head suddenly interrupts the brain’s normal function.

It can be either mild or severe, depending on the circumstances of the accident, as well as on how the incident created a lasting impact on the person’s overall well-being. It is considered a mild brain injury if the victim suffered temporary unconsciousness or brief change in the person’s mental capabilities. A concussion is one example of such. Meanwhile, it is considered severe if the victim suffered certain long-term health effects as a result of trauma, including amnesia, loss of consciousness for an extensive period of time, paralysis, and even death.

Common causes of brain injury include vehicle accidents, accidents inside or outside the premises wherein the victim slipped or tripped and then fall, as well as mishaps caused by defective products and work-related accidents such as those that happen within construction sites or any inherently dangerous workplaces. Most of these accidents make up most of the brain injury claims in Los Angeles.

Contact our Brain Injury Attorney at Personal Injury Defenders

Regardless if you sustained a mild or a severe brain injury, it is very important that you seek immediate medical treatment, as well as hire the best personal injury attorney that handles brain injury claims. Personal Injury Defenders’ group of expert brain injury attorneys in Los Angeles work with the best medical professionals, making sure that clients injured in personal injury accidents are provided topnotch treatment and recovery. The same lawyers are also adept in pursuing alternative means of obtaining the best compensation for clients suffering from brain injuries, ensuring utmost genuine care for them and their families.

Our personal injury law firm works on what is called a contingency-based representation, which is why we are committed to providing swift and satisfactory resolution for you and our other personal injury clients at practically no costs. With a No Win, No Fee guarantee, we will take your case seriously, and we are confident and competent enough that you will be fully compensated given our aggressiveness in establishing the fault of the liable parties, as well as skillfully negotiating with their insurance companies. Contact us at (866) 998-2545 today and we will discuss your brain injury claim at no costs to you.

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