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Bicycle Accident Overview

Bicycle AccidentEither as a form of exercise and recreation or as an alternative form of travel, bicycles are highly-utilized by a lot of people living in Los Angeles and its other neighboring cities and counties. Apart from them being beneficial to the environment and to people’s health, bicycles are widely used as a typical mode of transportation, as evidenced by a lot of bike lanes lining both sides of most streets. While bicyclists have the luxury of using these lanes to their advantage, the fact that they ride alongside larger motor vehicles, from mostly cars, to trucks and buses, make them susceptible to crashes given their bicycles’ small size. Increasing their likelihood of getting involved in collisions is the sad reality that not all motorists acknowledge the presence of cyclists on the roads. Such negligence, however, should not be ignored. Injured cyclists are entitled to their right to file claims against negligent motorists who caused these accidents. Fortunately, top Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyers are capable of helping injured cyclists obtain the justice they truly deserve.

If you happened to get involved in a collision with another motor vehicle while riding your bicycle in Los Angeles, then it is imperative that you hire a bicycle accident lawyer. Your legal counsel will enforce on your behalf your claim for damages against the negligent party or the defendant. Your lawyer for bicycle accident claims in Los Angeles will represent you throughout your claim, helping you in proving the other party’s fault in the accident.

Why Do I Need A Lawyer for Bicycle Accident?

When a bicycle accident happens to you or anyone you know, you need an expert lawyer to help you with legal matters. Aside from seeking medical attention, hiring an expert bicycle accident attorney should be one of your priorities, especially if you want to claim compensation from the other party at fault for the accident and for your injuries. Your lawyer will help enforce your right to obtain compensation from the liable party by employing certain legal strategies in order to resolve your claim, from gathering and preserving pieces of evidence, determining the settlement amount you may be entitled to receive due to your losses, and to negotiating with the other party’s insurance provider.

Without an expert bicycle accident attorney by your side, not only will you be waiving your right to assert your legal rights, but you will also fail in your attempt to negotiate with the other party’s insurance company. As you may know, the insurance provider of the liable party will do its best to deny you a favorable settlement or otherwise offer you little compensation, which may not be enough to help cover all your incurred losses.

About Bicycle Accidents in Los Angeles

According to statistics, there were 71 bicyclists who were fatally injured in crashes in Southern California in 2011. Some 24 of them were killed in Los Angeles County. The said statistics saw a huge increase over the previous years. Indeed, getting involved in a collision, especially if you’re a bicyclist, is no laughing matter. For one, you are most likely to sustain minor to serious injuries, depending how impactful the collision was. Minor scratches, cuts, and bruises can be easily treated; however, if you sustained a major injury, especially if the accident harmed vital body parts such as the head, your spine, or your limbs, expect not only medical treatment, but also a need to undergo out-of-hospital care and rehabilitation. This is why it is imperative that you hire a personal injury lawyer who has experience in handling bicycle accident claims in Los Angeles. Your lawyer won’t only represent you throughout the legal process and aggressively pursue your interest, but will also work with the best doctors in helping you obtain the best treatment for your injuries.

Contact our Bicycle Accident Lawyers at Personal Injury Defenders

Any cyclist injured in an accident while riding a bicycle must know that the unfortunate event should not have happened had the other driver exercised reasonable care while behind the wheel. It is in this regard that victims must consult Personal Injury Defenders for their legal matters. As it is, our best personal injury law firm specializes in bicycle accident claims, wherein we effectively handle and aggressively pursue the interests of our clients. We commit ourselves to delivering the best results for our clients’ claims based on the injuries they sustained and the losses they incurred.

Our law firm is aware of the dangers that cyclists face when they roam on the streets of L.A., as well as the injuries involved in such accidents and the capability of insurance companies to deny claiming parties their right to receive complete compensation. At Personal injury Defenders, our group of expert bicycle accident lawyers in Los Angeles will ensure that the person or entity responsible for your injuries pay for its negligent actions, resulting in a favorable settlement on your behalf.

Contact Personal Injury Defenders today and we will discuss your bicycle accident claim at no costs to you. Dial (866) 998-2545 and avail of our Free Case Evaluation.

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