Keeping Teenage Drivers from Car Accidents through Graduated Licensing

Keeping Teenage Drivers from Car Accidents through Graduated LicensingBeing a new driver can be both exciting and overwhelming. This is the dilemma that is faced by most new drivers, especially teen-aged ones. This important milestone in one’s life comes with great risks. According to studies made by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), teenage drivers and very old people have a great tendency of figuring in an accident. Probably due to excitement, teens have more chances of getting into accidents in their first few years of driving.

A California car accident attorney reveals that the following characteristics were among the recorded accidents involving teenage drivers:

  • Driver error. Compared to experienced adult drivers, teenage drivers the get involved in accidents were caused by this.

Speeding. According to authorities, excessive speed is common in 33 percent of the fatal accidents that happened involving teenagers.

  • Single-vehicle crashes. Teenagers have this great tendency to lose control of their cars, causing a single-vehicle crash.
  • Passengers. Teenagers are most likely to end up crashing their vehicle when they are with other young passengers with them. Statistics also show that the more young passengers are in the vehicle, the more chances of the teen driver from getting involved in such accidents.
  • Alcohol. While teens don’t drink and drive as much as adults, drunk teen drivers are most likely to commit mistakes that lead to crashes while intoxicated.
  • Night Driving. 16-19 year old drivers are four times more likely to get involved in an accident during night time than during the day.
  • Safety Belt Use. Teenagers are most likely to get killed in crashes because of their failure to wear seat belts while driving.

Graduated Licensing: How It Helps?

Since being a driver for the first time can get overwhelming, the authorities are now implementing a graduated licensing system. Here, teenage driver-related accidents will be lessened as teenage drivers will be introduced to more complex driving tasks gradually. Since the driving privileges of these young drivers are restricted, it gives them proper training to be more experienced and matured by the time that these restrictions are lifted. These makes our younger drivers better and more responsible on the road.

Our teens will sooner or later need to have their license as it is just a matter of time before we will be letting them go and drive on their own. That is why as adults, we should do everything to help them and guide them be better drivers to help make our roads safer for everybody.