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Injuries Overview

Getting involved in an accident and suffering an injury because of it has become a common occurrence in any person’s life. Whether a person is driving his or her car, crossing a street, shopping inside a department store, traveling as a commuter, or performing work inside the workplace, there are instances that may trigger a mishap. Most of the time, the accident, as well as the harm that may be inflicted to the person, could have been avoided if others had acted reasonably to prevent the mishap from happening. It is true that such an event is a part of life, but if it involved someone else’s carelessness, any person who is involved in an accident is entitled to exercise his or her legal right, especially if he or she suffered an injury and it impacted his or her life. As such, the victim may file a personal injury claim against the person or entity responsible for the accident.

Personal injuries happen when the negligence of a person or entity causes harm to another person. Negligence is a legal theory that asserts that the person or entity involved in the accident failed to exercise due care under the circumstances. This means that the other person’s sustained injuries and the accident that took place may have not happened had the person or entity involved acted reasonably. When this happens, the aggrieved party, which is the victim of the accident, may file a case against the other party. Such a case may either be resolved in a civil court proceeding which ends in a jury verdict, or through an informal settlement which is a lot common procedure.

Personal injury cases often involve mishaps such as motor vehicles, dangerous or hazardous conditions inside or outside the premises, and accidents inside the workplace. Common injuries involved in such accidents include head injury, which may result in a traumatic brain injury especially if the impact of the accident is severe; as well as fractures, burns, spinal cord injury, and other serious ones.

Even if the accident resulted in minor injuries such as cuts, bruises, and scratches, victims are still entitled to claim damages from the liable parties involved. However, it is imperative for them to established proof that the responsible parties were indeed liable for their injuries. In order to strengthen their claims and have the opportunity to secure favorable settlements, it is imperative for them to seek legal representation from personal injury attorneys.


Fortunately enough, Personal Injury Defenders, a Los Angeles-based personal injury law firm, has an experienced and talented pool of lawyers who have decades of experience in expertly handling accident and injury claims. Aside from aggressively pursuing our clients’ car accident, premises accident, and workplace accident claims, we are also adept in handling claims of individuals who have been injured while receiving medical care. These include birth injury and medical malpractice claims.

Apart from injury cases, our topnotch personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles also extend their expertise to families whose loved ones died in motor vehicle crashes, premises accidents, and any other personal injury mishaps. We take pride in making sure that the wrongful death cases of our clients will result in the best possible outcome, giving them the justice that they deserve.

If you or your loved one was injured in any accident which happened because of someone else’s negligence, then you must immediately consult our personal injury law firm right away. Personal Injury Defenders specializes in various types of accidental injury claims, making it certain that we get the best value for your actual and significant damages and at the same time assure that you obtain the best medical care possible. Contact our law firm today at
(866) 998-2545 and we will talk your case through at no cost to you.

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