Freeways to Avoid this Memorial Day Weekend

Freeways to Avoid this Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend, Americans will be celebrating the Memorial Day. As with any other holiday, millions of Americans are expected to take on the road and head for their homes. The greater traffic flow is a huge red flag because it congests the roads, making the traffic situation problematic, not to mention time-consuming. Moreover, the huge volume of vehicles can be a recipe for disaster and much more cars and drivers with differing styles and attitude can cause accidents on the road. A California motor vehicle accident attorney believes that there should be warnings to drivers about the most crowded roads so motorists can plan their trips as well as their routes to avoid hassles. This, he believes, can lessen the chances of accidents from happening, saving someone from the hassles of being involved in a crash.

Busiest Freeways in California this Memorial Weekend


Google Maps has been recently sharing some of the traffic data it collects for the past months and one website compiled these information to find out what are the worst freeways in the country. Of this data, it revealed that 5 of the 10 worst freeways in the United States are from the state of California, and those are the following:

  • Interstate 5 N, San Diego, California
  • California 2 E, Los Angeles, California
  • US Highway 101, Hollywood California
  • US Highway 101 N, downtown Los Angeles, California, and
  • California 2 E, Santa Monica and Glendale, California

Moreover, the data from Google Maps ranked Los Angeles fourth of the ten cities in the country with the worst traffic situation. This, is affirmed by a Los Angeles car accident lawyer, citing the number of cases being filed and currently being litigated in the city’s courts.

Making the Necessary Adjustments


That is why if you are planning on going out this weekend, consider yourselves warned, and you should do the right adjustments to avoid these areas and avoid accidents as well. However, if you feel like you’re bound to be driving in these areas during the Memorial Day weekend, make sure that you drive carefully and take the necessary precautions to avoid mishaps that could ruin your holidays. Just in case you suddenly find yourself in a situation because of a traffic accident, remember that you must immediately ask for the help of a California auto accident attorney to help you in filing your claims, should the unavoidable happen.