Every Motorist’s Must-have Apps

Every Motorist’s Must-have AppsSure, your mobile phone or device can be a distraction while driving. In fact in the state of California, distracted driving is an offense that could get your apprehended. Use of mobile phones or devices while driving causes distraction and are therefore prohibited on California roads. However, these gadgets, if used properly, can be great tools that can help you as a motorist. Downloading the following apps can be of great help in your daily life. And so, here are 5 of the smartest phone apps that every person in California should have.

Car Care Apps

Being busy with your daily grind can leave you with no way to take proper care of your car. However, you should at least be able to find time to get your cars checked when needed to keep it in tip-top shape and prevent sudden breakdowns that may cause accidents. There are applications available that doesn’t just help you monitor your fuel economy, some also gives reminders for periodic maintenance tasks. A properly-maintained car is a perfectly working and safe car.

Weather Apps

With tons available for any device, these applications provide a weather report that gives you an outlook of the conditions in your area. Is it going to rain? Will there be weather systems affecting your area? These apps will inform you of the latest weather news, helping you plan your trips or completely abandon it for your safety.

California Road Report (Available in both the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores)

To avoid getting late for work or accidents that could get you or others injured or dead, the California Road Report can be your best ally. This app gives you a view of CHP incidents, CalTrans road conditions, chain control, and find stops for resting using your mobile device. For people who travel long distances inside the state, this tool can help make your trip around California easier and safer.

NHTSA’s SaferCar App

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is the agency responsible for ensuring that American roads are safe for every motorist, biker, or pedestrian. Downloading the Safer Car app can help keep you updated about car safety ratings, recalls and complaints, help in installing child seats, and other safety headlines and alerts. This will help you in shopping for the right car or child seats, get your car’s potential manufacturer defects fixed, and other relevant information for safe driving.

CHP Traffic

To avoid traffic jams or accidents, the California Highway Patrol’s CHP Traffic app provides real-time, up-to-the-minute information about the traffic accidents in your area. This will not only help you in re-routing tasks to avoid traffic, this will also give you information about accident-prone areas, helping you be more cautious and careful while you are out on the road.

Downloading these apps will help you have a smoother, safer trip towards your destination. However, you should not use your devices while driving. If you have a companion, get them operate the devices and relay to you the information that you need. On the other hand, if you are alone, better pull over to a safe place before using these apps on your device.