Equipping Dog Owners from Special California Law Protecting Children Dog Bite Victims

Equipping Dog Owners from Special California Law Protecting Children Dog Bite VictimsDog bite fatalities involves an alarming number of children victims. In fact, in a study conducted last year, a saddening fraction of 61% was recorded pertaining to children who died because of harmful dog bites. These include children with ages of 4 years and younger. Also, most of them are male victims. These said fatalities are often caused by rabies infections since dogs are known as one of the animals who possess such human life-threatening substance. Aside from fatalities, dog bite victims who survived are still prone to suffer from not just physical damages but also from emotional distresses. Because of this unwanted instances affecting the children, a special California law was establish to finally initiate the ending or elimination of this particular ordeal.

Distinct rules which are formulated and approved to lawfully protect all children who are victims of dog bite cases. This special state law mainly explains that since minors or children under the age of five can still be considered oblivious from acting with negligence, liability will automatically be given to the involved dog owners. This is because of the reason that children under the indicated age bracket are considered by the law as still very young to become aware if they are doing some actions classified as something wrong and primarily represented by a negligent manner. Also, they are distinguished to be incapable of provoking a bite.

On the other hand, just like in any injuring matter, prevention is absolutely way better than cure. To support the aforementioned statement, here are some things that all dog owners should consider to avoid being sued for their beloved dogs’ human, specifically, these children dog bite attacks.

There are a lot of ways on how to make a dog behave around children. The most common strategies that dog owners can do by themselves are:

Training their dogs to socialize. Barking, growling, tooth displays as well as biting are some forms of aggression that are commonly observed in most animals especially in dogs. To be able to avoid this animal from practicing such harmful behaviors, establishing an early socialization prior to 14 weeks from a dog’s birth date is necessary. Good news is, dog owners can teach their dogs to politely get along with strangers such as children, other dogs and other animals. In fact, a morning stroll inside a dog owner’s village doesn’t require large amount of efforts and money. They can walk their dogs outside their house to meet some neighbors.

Teaching obedience in simple ways. Aside from exposing their dogs to other people, teaching the obedience of their pet is equally vital. Teaching your dog to be gentle with others particularly considering bite inhibition can also be fulfilled by dog owners. They can do it by allowing their dogs to play with other dogs and also by playing with other people as well. Another effective way to make a dog behave in an accepted manner can also be possible by teaching them simple commands including teaching them on how to sit, lie down and at the same time, to teach them on how to stay. Additionally, if a dog learned how to report to their respective owners as soon as they are called is a good indication that the dog is obedient already.

Practice proper handling of dogs. Most of the cases encompassing dog bites are often created by child behaviors. These covers actions performed by innocent children like throwing of their arms and even tugging of the dog’s tail. Therefore, preparing a dog for this kind of situations when they are dealing with children is also extremely essential to avoid dog bite cases. Dog owners can calm their dogs with the said instances by making them used to actions like giving them some treats and praising this animals while the concerned dog owners are gently pulling their pet’s tail, hugging the pet, and more.

Meanwhile, professional assistance is also available if a dog owner is unable to teach their dogs with the abovementioned factors.