Dozen Dogs and a Cat Recovered in Alhambra

Dozen Dogs and a Cat Recovered in Alhambra

Ever get irritated with the noise that your neighbor’s dogs or cats make? Well, lucky you because the residents from a neighborhood in Alhambra, California has suffered more than what you have experienced. Well, a lot more actually.


Unpleasant Attack to One’s Senses

Residents from the 100 block of Meridian Avenue have reported smelling unpleasant odors and have been hearing irritating barks from the house of a certain Claudia Gall. And so, the animal control officers have quickly acted and got an inspection warrant from the courts. Not long after, they have served an inspection warrant at Gall’s home. While Gall was out at the time of the officer’s visit, the latter have broken down the front door to gain access of the house.


Unpleasant Surprise

Upon entering the home, animal control officers were welcomes with strong animal odors that smelled really bad. Too bad that the officers have decided to come outside and let air out of the house first. They have opened all of the windows of the house and saw the terrible condition of the house. Inside, the offices found 17 dogs and a cat from the house and took it to their facility to have these animals’ conditions checked. Results of the tests will be revealed in two weeks. If maltreatment to the animals could be proven, Gall might face criminal charges filed against her.


Dangers of Abused Animals

Abuse and maltreatment have drastic psychological effects to an animal. According to an animal rights group, an abused animal is more likely to attack humans as an act of self-defense. Every year, thousands of people end up as victims in cases of animal attacks. In fact thousands have sustained harrowing physical injuries and psychological trauma, while some end up dead because of the said attacks. According to an animal attack attorney in California, while a lot of people filed claims for such incidents, there are undocumented cases of such attacks.


That is why authorities are calling on pet owners to be more responsible in taking good care of their pets. Moreover, animal rights groups reiterated the need to stop animal abuses as to prevent further cases of attacks from happening.