Accidents at the Swimming Pool: What the Injured Parties Should Know

Accidents at the Swimming Pool: What the Injured Parties Should Know

Summer is fast approaching, and as such, a lot of people are planning their own trips towards the great outdoors. One of the many things people can do during this period of the year is having fun at water parks and public swimming pools. These places appeal to a lot of youngsters who enjoy playing with water.

Adults accompanying them, however, should always keep their attention towards of their children, especially when within such premises. Apparently, accidents by the poolside, as well as swimming-related mishaps, are commonplace at this time of the year. In fact, such accidents are said to be one of the leading causes of death among young individuals under the age of 14. Indeed, water parks and swimming pools can’t be guaranteed safe at all, especially with children around.

As it is, owners of these swimming pools and water parks are responsible for any mishaps and the injuries and/or deaths that may occur in their premises. Here are some ways they may be held liable:

  • The public pool or any pool within a water park attracts unsuspecting children, causing them harm. It is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that the area is kept from being found an attractive nuisance. Installing fences around the pool that can’t be climbed by anyone, as well as placing barriers around the pool and installing a pool cover, are some of the viable ways to do so.
  • The public pool is most likely treated with certain chemicals. It is the responsibility of the pool owners to ensure that the chemicals are used as intended; reading carefully the labels lessens the chances of others getting injured because of these substances mixed in pool water.
  • Any swimming pool, even if it is considered safe, puts people, especially kids, at risk of drowning. Pool owners become liable for the deaths of children and other people after drowning due to lack of or improperly trained lifeguards, and lack of warning signs to remind children that a certain part of the pool is too deep.

If you or a loved one of yours was involved in an accident in a swimming pool or at a water park, immediately consult with a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles. The attorney will let you know if you have a strong case against the liable party.


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